Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wrapping Up The Year

Hello Tree Huggers! It's sad to say I will be ending this blog here. I have been writing for my Honors English class at school. It has been an amazing experience and really caused me to have to think about different interesting facts about ski racing. I really enjoy the mental aspect and this blog has changed my approach on my mindset going into skiing and racing. I have been able to grow throughout this school and ski season with the aid of blogging.

Change is inevitable in one way or another. I can't even express how much progress and positive change has occurred this year. In skiing, I have improved massively and it has final shown in results. As my coach Tina Nardi mentioned, "The last run at Snowbird was rad." This is the truth. I have never skied like that before. Sometimes it has happened in training, but she believed in me even when I didn't and this lead to my success. She stood by me every step of the way. Tina is moving on to her new company and, I need to bring her some chocolate cake sometime soon! She has helped me with a many things people wouldn't even understand. I can't express everything in words! This has changed me and everything challenging moment will eventually lead to success and change. Sometimes this is taking ten steps backwards then one forward. You cannot disregard even the slightest achievement. I have grown as a person and my outlook on the world and myself has changed greatly. It has been incredible.
Who doesn't love puppies...feat Sam Owen

Change has come mostly to me as a life style and mindset, but also in my improvement in writing and vocabulary. I always thought that the vocal assignments were crazy and learning all the root words, but it turns out some of those vocal words have helped me in other classes, but also in the skiing world! The roots have really helped in french this year! I have changed in so many ways and will always continue to! Nothing is set in stone as long as you are willing to put in the effort to change it.

This blog has been an amazing experience and I'm sure it may end up being used in the future but for now it's been incredible blogging. Good Bye!


Thursday, April 30, 2015

The FIS Plan

Hello Tree Huggers! The time has come and I am now a FIS Women. Incredible how fast time flies. Tina has decided to focus all her time on her adventure company and no longer coaches. She will be missed dearly. I wish her the best of luck with her future and hope to see her around town. I haven't skied since Snow Cup, but wish I could head over to Snowbird for a couple of runs! Missing the snow already, but the hiking trails have come to great use while I can't do too much!

This summer, Dryland starts on June 1st, 5 days a week for two and a half hours. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the gym while spending Tuesday and Thursday in city park! Then I will be spending lots of time especially in June doing all the classes to be able to get all the credits needed. That will include a online or summer class of World Civ (1.0), Geography 1(.05), PE (0.5), Health (0.5), and English 10 (1.0). Geography is the first half of the class I completed during last summer. In July, I will go to Hood and then spend time with my family on trips around the country. Then back into school come the end of August. It's going to be a busy summer!
The five small incisions...the other one on the outside!

UPDATE: Surgery
Recovery is on it's way. No cast needed, mostly because of too much swelling, but also it could to get movement going soon! The stitches are out and there are five small incisions and one bigger one, but all healing well. PT is about to get started and here is the plan. Active movement for the first two weeks, Passive for the next four, and then strength. When completed, everything will be pretty good, but may never be able to do push-ups or anything in that position again, but range of motion looks like a full recovery. Exciting! Can't wait for all these injuries to be completely healed and I can do everything again!

So, I got my permit! I could've gotten it a while ago, but skiing makes no room for some life items. In about seven months I'll be sixteen!! Some of my teammates are sixteen now (Charlotte and Sicily), Julia and Ava are next, and finally Kati then ME! Of course I am the youngest....on the entire team including the mens team. Other than that trying to keep up with all my school work, and online classes for my freshman year before I start the sophomore bunch online. School's winding down and finals coming up soon!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Photo Creds: the one and only mom.
Hello Tree Huggers, as some of you may know, I have been struggling with an injury to my wrist for a while now. Since, now I'm feeling slightly better I will give you an update. On last Friday, I went in to Park City Medical Center for wrist Surgery by Karen Heiden. I was in the OR for over two hours, but the result was good. Actually the best it possibly could've been. Which was good to hear, but she needed to repair some things that weren't expected. However, now I am on the road to recovery and ready to become stronger than ever!!

This is how it all went down. Last year, in Hawaii, I broke my scaphoid but there was other damage. Which we found out about a while ago, but skiing was more important and this wasn't urgent. In fact, we were trying to avoid surgery completely. That didn't work out so well so here I am having surgery and of course already trying to push it. Oops. I may need to be casted but not sure yet. If not, then a removable hard costume brace for a while. For rehab, I am waiting for the 6 week post op date to come to start strengthening. That is right when dryland starts so there may need to be some modification. 

I visited my team at ski testing the day after surgery, obviously drugged up and ready to go skiing even though I unfortunately can't. However, I went to get some coaches gifts together and take a look at the new skis. Cam, we won't be putting our pants down anytime soon! And farewell to Cam, Tina, and Colleen. Thank you to all my teammates for making this year amazing. Good luck next season to all the first years, and can't wait to spend another year with my 99 besties. That's a wrap and it's been rad winter! 

I AM A PARK CITY FIS WOMEN! OMG! I still remember those days looking up to them and thinking wow I would be lucky to ever get there. Well here I am, and even though I just had surgery I will be working with the team starting on June 1st for dryland. I will let you know my summer plan and plan for the upcoming years. I am lucky to be a freshie now so I will have 3 years still in school and skiing! Looking forward to see what the future brings but for now I'm going to live in the moment. 


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Strong Season Finale!!

Hello Tree Huggers! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life has been crazy with my U16 time coming to an end with one last race series, Last Chance and Snow Cup. As you may know, Park City really has no snow, and therefore we haven't had training in almost two weeks. This has been the worst season yet, but hopefully with all the improvements to the resorts here snow will come. At least it ended with a bang!
April 14, 2015 Snow Cup GS! Creds: Cam Chin

Last Chance are the slalom races and Snow Cup is the GS and SG races at Snowbird. They are open races However, the SG was cancelled for tomorrow. The racing season has ended but the snow is coming. Predicted 40 inches at Snowbird, and dangerous conditions for speed racing. So, tomorrow is cancelled, that's a wrap. The races didn't go as planned, but finally got my shit together and the pieces all fell into place for a result (even though it was only for second run...)!
Snow Cup GS Start! A tribute to our departing coach Tina Nardi!

Today, was amazing, many goals were achieved and progress proven to myself. My mindset was set on racing for me, not anyone or anything else. It's kind of funny I listened to the same song all day without realizing it until someone else pointed it out after the race. The weather was overcast but not too bad. The visibility wasn't really a problem until I put the wrong lens in my goggles...oops. Well first run wasn't bad ending in 23rd. I made the flip and ran 8th for second run, and the times were stacked. Meaning the times were very close, and in this situation they were in 18th 70.00, 70.01, 70.02, 70.03, 70.04, and finally I had a 70.05. I knew the jump could be made, but was focused on how I needed to ski to get the result. In racing I have learned to stay in the exact time never in the past or the possible future. Here was my plan: release at the gate, on-on, generate speed, on-on, light through, release the ski. Closely executed and a fast run ending with a 76.76 and 146.81 combined, 11th overall. I was able to prove to myself something everyone has been telling me about. I'm still shocked.

Next time for surgery and the transition to FIS Women's team and Western Region. FIS is international rankings.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Red Course, Ready? Blue Course, Ready? Go!

Hello Tree Huggers! Unfortunately, today is my last day here in Winter Park. Today I am dualing it out! Exciting right? Well, the course is a whole 13 paneled slalom gates. Anyway it was a really fun time! We didn't race for points but just for fun. We missed the point on costumes, but had a great time anyway.

See you later WINTER PARK!
The red and blue course were supposably the same, but the blue course had a very large roll and more of a left fall away. The course was set 15 meters gate to gate. The blue course was faster for qualifying but the red was faster in the brackets. This is how it all worked. For qualifying everyone runs the course. Then they take the top 16 from the red course and top 16 from the blue house. For the brackets they put the top 32 into a paired bracket then those kids run the course again. When there is a tie the racers have to race again. The first two rounds are done by time. Then they run head to head by eliminating from 16 to 8, 8 to 4, 4 to 2, and then 2 to the winner!

Overall Winter Park was absolutely gorgeous with incredible and lucky weather. There was supposed to be rain, but that ended up becoming sunny! No we are back into training for Last Chance at Snowbird. Last Chance will have 2 Super-G's, 2 GS, and 2 Slaloms. That series will be over our spring break from the 7th to the 12th. Then we are off season for skiing but it's time for wrist surgery then moving into the off season conditioning!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Probably the Longest Slalom Ever!

Hello Tree Huggers! Again I am in Winter Park, Colorado for the SmartWool series! Today we raced slalom, and luckily the women's course was skiers left. The course had a major left fall away, or the direction a ball would go if dropped at the top, but was much flatter than the GS run yesterday. All the races are being held in the same place. Here is a picture with the GS in black, SL in purple, and the Dual in red. The Dual is being held tomorrow.
This is just the base and beginning of WinterPark Photo Creds
Today I started in about the middle of the field. Which is expected with my extremely high points. First run, the course was set very simply with no tricks. Therefore, I was focusing on releasing under the gate, my focus, and flexing into the outside boot. First run was okay in general. I ended up running 2nd for second run. The set was a little more offset than first run but alike. Second run was better for me and overall I am happy with the results so far this weekend. I did end up with a finish that will drop my points by 20. Points are individual to each event and the lower the better.

Pulling the carts trough the parking lot....
Yesterday we found out these little carts existed for carry kids equipment. I mean we are kids right? Anyway, we used the carts to carry all our gear: two pairs of slalom skis, slalom poles, boot bag, extra jackets (since it was warm and there wasn't room in our bags,) and PROBAR's. PROBAR is a new team sponsor. Let's just say my back and shoulders needed the break so we took advantage of these "kids" equipment carts. TOMORROW IS THE DUAL!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Racing in an Unknown Region

Hello Tree Huggers! So, not much has changed since yesterday. Some team drama and the seven boys all rooming together letting no one get any sleep, but otherwise everything is had been going well. The house we are staying at has a hot tub, but we are having a hard time keeping it a hot tub. I am rooming with three girls from jackson and Ava. Sicily is sleeping on an air mattress in the closet which is huge. Last night at our team meeting I got my bib. The ones in Winter Park are really cool, and different than ours at home.

Today, when I arrived at Winter Park Resort we had to walk about a mile to the lodge from the parking lot. It was ridiculous. Then once we arrived at the lodge we get dressed downstairs then took our bags upstairs. When we dropped our bags off everyone in the entire room looked our way. It was really awkward and it seemed as if we knew no one. I took the lift up and took some runs on Cramer to Village Way then finally down Larry Sale. The snow was really nice and firm, much different from our conditions.

First run, some mistakes were made and it wasn't that good, but I ended up moving into 21st. My outcome goal was to drop my bib, but that didn't exactly happen. I ran 10th second run because of the flip. That run was definitely not my best. I skied a conservative line and it was overall just not fast. I finished in 26th for that run. When the times were combined I ended up in 23rd and didn't score any points, but that is okay. I am excited for tomorrow and the dual slalom sunday!
Blue skies and pure relaxation at the start, it is absolutely gorgeous!